Dr. Peggy M. Liao, MD, and the staff at our practice are dedicated to providing the highest quality eye care to you and your children. We want every child to see their potential, but sometimes it’s not possible without the services of a pediatric ophthalmologist.

We are trained physicians specializing in children’s eye care, but we’re so much more. It’s because we know and understand that during the first 12 years of life, up to 80 percent of a child’s learning is visually based. It’s because we understand that it’s impossible for children to learn to see the world around them when their vision is compromised. And we empathize with parents concerned over their child’s behavior, social development, and self-esteem when visual problems are the problem.

Dr. Liao knows that a child’s vision is precious, and when it’s compromised the child should be seen by someone with top-notch skills and knowledge in pediatric ophthalmology.

Early Detection and Treatment are Key

The early detection and treatment of eye problems are the keys to a life-long enjoyment of good vision. That’s why Dr. Liao strives to give the best possible eye care to babies, children, and adolescents.

The fact is, more than one in 20 preschool-age children and one in four school-age children have a vision disorder. That’s why all children should have a vision screening by his/her primary care physician as early as possible. If they fail the screening, or if parents are concerned with their children’s vision at any age, they should have their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist. We do our best to prevent vision disorders of childhood from affecting the teenage and adult years to come.

Your Child’s Eyes in the Hands of a Professional

Dr. Liao’s resume speaks for itself and it’s indisputable that she is a pediatric ophthalmologist who is also one of the highest-qualified to treat your child. She attended Yale University, did a residency at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital.

In a constantly changing and evolving field, Dr. Liao is interested in treating all eye disorders in pediatric patients, including strabismus (misaligned eyes), amblyopia (lazy eye), refractive errors (such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism), tear duct blockage, and more. She knows that many new advances and current concepts are still being developed and introduced into the ophthalmic community, which reflects the enthusiastic dedication of pediatric ophthalmologists around the country.

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Thank you for the confidence you have placed in us by choosing our practice for your child’s eye care. For more information on children’s eye health and safety, please call us today at (808) 949-4558 or find us at Kapiolani Medical Center on Punahou Street in Honolulu, HI.