Eyeglasses From Our Ophthalmologist in Honolulu

One of the most important parts of maintaining overall health is preventative medicine. This includes annual checkups with the eye doctor. An annual eye exam is important because it allows the doctor to identify problems that might be present before they start to cause symptoms. One of the issues that the doctor may identify is myopia or hyperopia, also known as nearsightedness or farsightedness. While some people might notice blurry vision that prompts a visit, others might not notice their sight is off until they visit the doctor. These issues can be corrected with eyeglasses. The citizens of Honolulu should know that Peggy M Liao, MD is here to help everyone with their eye care needs. Finding the right pair of glasses involves several steps.

Finding the Right Prescription Lenses

We know that everyone gets excited about picking out their stylish set of frames; however, the most important part of the eyeglasses are the corrective lenses. In order to find the right set of lenses, the eye doctor is going to place a few different sets of prescription lenses in front of the patient’s eyes. The patient will then indicate which lenses are better or worse. This helps the doctor find the right set of lenses to correct that person’s vision. This is done one eye at a time. Often, the two eyes require different prescriptions for proper correction.

Moving to the Stylish Frames

Once the right prescription lenses have been identified, the next step is to select the frames. It is important to think about comfort as well as style. Those who have questions about finding the right frames should know that the most effective way to find comfortable frames is to simply try on a few pairs. Once the fit is comfortable, people can find the right style for them. We take a lot of pride in having a wide selection of frames for people to choose from. We are confident that everyone will be able to find a set of frames for their needs!

Call Peggy M Liao, MD for all Eye Care Needs

We know that people have questions or concerns about their eyeglasses and we are here to answer any questions or concerns that you might need. The citizens of Honolulu deserve to have access to high-quality optometry care. That is where Peggy M Liao, MD is essential. Dr. Liao has a vast array of experience when it comes to eye care and will do everything in her power to make sure that your vision is as good as possible. Please call us today at (808) 949-4558 to make an appointment! We are here to help you!