We Provide Pediatric Eye Care Services in Honolulu.

Dr. Peggy M. Liao, MD is Honolulu’s Premier Pediatric Ophthalmologist.

Are you eagerly seeking a pediatric ophthalmologist in Honolulu? Peggy M Liao, MD specializes in pediatric eye care so you can rest assured that your child is positively receiving the best medical care. Our attentive staff and an honorary doctor will provide the most enjoyable experience for children and parents. Visiting an ophthalmologist can be intimidating or even frightening for children. This is why seeing an expert in children’s eye care and being in a child-friendly environment is crucially important.

Conditions Treated in Honolulu

We provide pediatric eye exams for developing children who need their first exam or their annual check-ups. Eye exams at this age are vital because if a problem is discovered early we can tend it before it turns into issues.

During your child’s exam, if we detect a problem then we can treat it here in the office. Conditions we handle include eye muscle problems such as strabismus, nearsighted, farsightedness, Amblyopia, and more. If we encounter a problem with your child’s vision or eye anatomy then we can treat most issues here in the office. Or we have plenty of connection for a referral out of the office.

We Provide Pediatric Eye Care Services in Honolulu, Contact Us to Schedule Your Child’s Appointment.

Contact our office for an appointment with your Honolulu ophthalmologist and Peggy M Liao, MD. Do not delay your child’s first eye exam. The earlier any issues are caught the better the prognosis is and more comfortable the children are at the office. We will do our best to provide a calm fear-free environment so each time your child needs to return to our office they can look forward to the visit. Call us at (808) 949-4558.

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